SFX provides a free WEEE and computer recycling service in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. We are trusted by large organisations, universities, health trusts, businesses and households. Our promise is to ethically destroy your data, reduce waste and ensure all materials are properly recycled.

1. Please call 02920 236759 to book a collection

We’ll discuss the type of waste you’re disposing of and arrange a collection.

2. SFX will collect the waste

SFX will collect the waste and provide you with a waste transfer note.

3. SFX will Process the waste

We re-use as much as possible. Anything we cannot re-use is sent for recycling.

4. Data Destruction

Any data is either fully data-wiped or destroyed. This is done to approved standards.

5. OPTIONAL paid services

Customers who pay for the service also get data destruction certificates and a full asset list of the equipment collected.

To book a FREE collection CALL 02920 236759 or email enquiries@sfxtech.co.uk .

Out of hours, please use THIS FORM.

Additional, optional chargeable service include:

  • Recycling of hazardous waste (UPS, CRT Monitors).

  • Certificates of data destruction.

  • Physical destruction of hard drives or storage media.

Computer recycling Cardiff

SFX operates a free I.T. Equipment, WEEE and Computer Recycling Service in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

SFX collects waste computers and laptops. Our customers are householders and businesses. Once collected, we sort the waste into items that can be repaired and items that can’t. We repair some items and dismantle the rest to be reused as parts. Anything that cannot be used is recycled in accordance with SFX’s zero landfill policy.

SFX is trusted by a huge number of organisations. Our customers include the NHS, charities, building societies, universities, colleges, and schools. Additionally, we serve numerous small and medium-sized businesses. We previously operated as Computers in the Community and were one of the first WEEE recycling companies in South Wales.

SFX offers an ethical, approved and licensed recycling service. To check our paperwork, please click here to go to the “permits” page. 

Equipment that we accept for recycling includes:

IT equipment.
PCs and accessories.
Palmtops and accessories.
CRT Monitors and flat screen.
LCDs PC electronic components.
PC/Server components.
Server Racks/Flooring.
Circuit boards.
Power supplies.
Networking equipment (Routers, Hubs, Switches).
Video gaming accessories and consoles.
Printers, parts and peripherals.
Toner cartridges unused surplus stock only
Input peripherals (joysticks, keyboards, mice, drawing devices and boards).
Wires and cables.

Other Electronic Equipment:
Vending machines.
Telecommunications equipment (office phones, phone exchange systems).
TVs (excluding TVs with wooden surround).
VCRs, DVDs, cameras and camcorders.
Satellite and digital TV equipment.
Mobile phones.