Equipment that we accept for recycling includes:

IT equipment.
PCs and accessories.
Palmtops and accessories.
CRT Monitors and flat screen.
LCDs PC electronic components.
PC/Server components.
Server Racks/Flooring.
Circuit boards. Power supplies.
Networking equipment (Routers, Hubs, Switches).
Video gaming accessories and consoles.
Printers, parts and peripherals.
Toner cartridges unused surplus stock only
Input peripherals (joysticks, keyboards, mice, drawing devices and boards).

Wires and cables.

Other Electronic Equipment:
Vending machines.
Telecommunications equipment (office phones, phone exchange systems).
TVs (excluding TVs with wooden surround).
VCRs, DVDs, cameras and camcorders.
Satellite and digital TV equipment.
Mobile phones.

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