Laptop screen repair / replacement.

80% of all laptop screen repairs can be done within 24hrs at a maximum cost of £70

To book a repair call SFX on 02920 236759


We will collect the laptop from you, repair the screen and return it to you within 24hrs at a cost of £70.

Repairing or replacing the damaging the screen of a laptop is by far the most common repair we perform at SFX.

We have a large variety of screens in stock.


Touch screen laptop repair / replacement

SFX also repair / replace laptop touch screens. 

To book a Touch Screen repair call SFX on 02920 236759

In a lot of cases the screen will be ok. It is just the digitizer (the touch sensitive outer glass that is broken).

Touch screen repairs do vary in cost and can require additional parts. SFX collects your laptop, performs

a diagnostic and  then provides you with a quotation. All of this is FREE of charge. 

Touch screen laptops are usually repaired within 3 working days.