If the equipment you’re disposing of is of sufficient quality, SFX may PAY you for your surplus equipment.

The type of computers, laptops, servers and networking equipment we may be interested in buying includes:

  • Laptops complete with hard-drives.

  • Computers with Intel i-series processors, COAs and DDR4 RAM.

  • Laptop SSD hard drives 250Gb and above.

  • Servers < 5rs old

  • CISCO branded network equipment < 3yrs old

  • SMART Phones – User account removed and factory reset

  • Physically broken laptops <2yrs old

If you have some equipment that is serviceable and require chargeable services (data destruction certificates, asset lists etc) we can offset the value of the equipment and offer these services for free. We always try and be reasonable and offer the best, most cost-effective solution to our customers.