SFX offers two solutions for destroying your data depending on cost and environmental considerations.

Data Erasure

Data erasure or data wiping is a software-based method of overwriting data that completely destroys all electronic data from hard disk drives or other digital media.

Permanent data erasure goes beyond basic file deletion commands and formatting, which only removes allocation tables and makes data recovery possible with common software tools. Data erasure removes all information from the drive while leaving the disk operable. This reduces waste as good hardware is re-used and will maximise the residual vale of your equipment.

The process is assured by the issue of certificates corresponding to the serial numbers of the physical drives.

SFX uses KillDisk for our data-wiping (link)

The cost of certified data erasure varies as there is often a residual value for the equipment or drives that can be offset against the erasure cost. It’s better to get individual quotations for any erasure you need.

Why trust SFX

  • Individual Certificates for each hard drive wiped.

  • Serial number asset list.

  • Individual storage for HDD segregation.

  • Sub room for data-wiping locked independent of main entrance

  • CRB checked staff for data wiping

Hard drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction is the physical granulation of the hard disk, under supervision, to an approved standard.

The cost for data destruction is (includes collection, asset list and certificate):

  •  less than 50 drives £5 each

  • 100+ drives £3 each

  • >500 drives £2 each