Upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft seems to follow up a poor operating system release with a really great one. Following from the less than enthusiastically received Windows 8, Windows 10 is the best reviewed Microsoft operating system for years



and, Windows 10 is available to Windows 8 and Windows 7 users as a free upgrade.

So, should you upgrade to Windows 10? and what could go wrong if you do?

Ok, if you’re a home user running Windows 8, I think upgrading to Windows 10 is a no-brainer, you simply have more to gain than to lose. As a home user, if you’re happy with Windows 7, you may be better off waiting 6 months or so until some of the problems associated with the upgrade are fixed.

As a business user, a proper evaluation of the systems and software that you business uses should be carried out before planning any strategic upgrade.

If you do plan to upgrade you may find the media creation tool useful. You can download it here


The tool allows an immediate upgrade to Windows 10, no need to wait for the upgrade to become available. If you’re doing more than one system it is possible to save the tool to a pen drive. Incidentally, I have noticed it does not work with Volume Licensed Windows.

Common problems with the Windows 10 upgrade are:

  • Start button left click does not work. A fix is given here.


Some people find this fix temporary. I have also found a new user account can fix the problem

  • Windows becomes unactivated and will not re-activate

This seems to require either hours on the phone to Microsoft technical support or a reinstall of the original operating system followed by another upgrade

  • Incompatible hardware

No fix for this really although as professionals we do have more access to drivers and solutions and often we will know workarounds.

If you’re not sure SFX are currently offering Windows 10 upgrades at £40. We do require a minimum of 48hrs to complete the upgrade and recommend you backup your data first.

When it comes to fixing failed upgrades, the price will vary but, if no hardware upgrades are required, we guarantee a maximum charge of £40.

If you are interested please call SFX 02920 236759. We offer a free collection and return service anywhere in the Cardiff area.

As a business, an evaluation and compatibility report will be free of charge.


Many thanks and happy upgrading !